How We Started


Wheatley Christian Fellowship has grown from what can only be described as small initial steps of faith; steps that were made out of a simple desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  In 2002, the first of many Christianity Explored courses was hosted in a local village home.  Many people were invited to attend the first course and five came…

During those evenings a meal was enjoyed, opportunity to ask searching questions about life and faith was offered and the gospel of Mark formed the basis of exploring who Jesus is, why he came and what it means to follow him. Subsequent courses have been held on a regular basis ever since.

Before long, the need for further Bible study and exploration became apparent, as many people who had taken part in Christianity Explored courses expressed interest in finding out more.  Midweek Bible studies commenced in 2005 and this gradually led to the establishment of Sunday evening services, again held in a family home.

As numbers on Sunday evenings increased, the need for larger accommodation became necessary, and in January 2010 we moved into hired premises, in the local chapel building.

The facilities offered here have been perfect for our needs and we feel very blessed to be in a position to hold regular Sunday evening services.